Popcorn & Wine

Grab the essentials…it’s ladies night! Seriously, just turn on ABC tonight and watch how quickly your guy shuffles out of the room.  Thursday night has so much soapy goodness.  Viola Davis just won a much-deserved Emmy for How to Get Away With Murder and it’s my pick of the night.  (If you missed the first season, it’s streaming on Netflix and you can watch the season finale here.)

 Returning shows:

Grey’s Anatomy (8/7c ABC) I stopped watching this show around the time Katherine Heigl left, but even I’m sad to see “McDreamy” go.

Scandal (9/8c ABC) I keep meaning to make this show a summer binge and it never happens.  Apparently I’m missing out on some insane TV.

*How to Get Away With Murder (10/9c ABC) The series premiere promises to reveal the killer from last season’s cliffhanger!

New shows:

Heroes Reborn (8/7c NBC) 13-episode series that will reboot the original show with new characters, as well as some past players.  Like a lot of people, I was hooked on the stellar first season of Heroes, but quickly lost interest with the second season.  I’m a huge fan of Zachary Levi (Chuck) so I’ll be tuning in, but I hope it’ll be easy to follow without knowing what happened in the last few seasons of the original show.

The Player (10/9c NBC) Based on the trailer, this show is about some sort of secret organization that bets on…people?  It wasn’t entirely clear to me why the main character is betting against these people, but hey, Wesley Snipes is the star, so there should be some kick-ass action.

Fashionably Late With Rachel Zoe (10:30/9:30c Lifetime) New talk show from the stylist/reality TV star.  You should definitely switch to this after ABC if you still need some man-free time.

Have at it, ladies!

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