Makeover Montage

My birthday was a few weeks ago and this year is one where I truly want to make some major changes in my life, personally and professionally. It feels a little daunting to make all of these changes at once and I want to cut to me mastering a smoky eye, furiously working out, and wearing a new wardrobe while shaking hands with my boss at my dream job.  Basically, I want to montage the heck out of these things so I can get to the happy ending faster.  So in the spirit of that, I started thinking about all of the movies that always light a fire under my ass and get me motivated to take those first steps.  If only life worked this fast…

Bridget Jones’s Diary – I’m every woman!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Yes, this movie is seemingly about the wedding, but I’m always inspired by the way the character starts taking care of her appearance, has the guts to sign up for classes, and goes after a job she really wants.  And I love that her makeover isn’t drastic–she’s an average woman who just gets herself out of her rut and starts living the best version of herself.

The Holiday – I love this film! Kate’s transformation in this one is subtle, but motivating and truthful.  As someone who has moved around a lot, I understand how being in a new place and meeting new people can be good for your soul.

Never Been Kissed – The makeover is implied more than shown, but this movie reminds me that high school doesn’t have to follow you forever.  “I’m not Josie Grossie anymore!!”

The Devil Wears Prada – There are some things that should be overlooked in this one, but I appreciate that Andy gets out of her own way and works with what she’s got. 

And just for giggles, here are more classic makeover scenes that aren’t necessarily motivating, but definitely fun!

Clueless – “Tai?! Why would I wanna date Tai?”

She’s the Man – Oh, Amanda Bynes.

The Princess Diaries – Straight hair and eyebrow plucking can do wonders.

Not Another Teen Movie – Glasses and a ponytail!

I wish it was all as easy as a new outfit, a good waxer, and switching to contacts. 😉


TV is barely worth mentioning tonight, but here’s the scoop:

Returning tonight:

Criminal Minds (9/8c CBS)

Chicago P.D. (10/9c NBC)

New shows:

Code Black (10/9c CBS) A new medical drama set in Los Angeles’s busiest emergency room.  Marcia Gay Harden is a wonderful actress, but this looks like the typical medical show, without anything to distinguish it the way E.R., Grey’s Anatomy, or even Red Band Society did.

2 thoughts on “Makeover Montage

  1. Pam barnett says:

    I LOVE these blogs! Emily you have so much talent and are so entertaining! Write a book! Go for it! Start now and I will be first in line to purchase! Thanks for my daily dose of entertainment compacted into a quick read blog! Happy Thursday!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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