Politicians, Spies & Leftovers

So many good shows returning this Sunday!  If you have DIRECTV, it’s a free weekend for Showtime and you can catch up on season one of  The Affair and last season of Homeland.  Woot!

The only new show premiering tonight is Dr. Ken (8:30/7:30 c ABC), a sitcom that pulls from Ken Jeong’s life as a doctor before he became an actor.  As a comic, he’s someone I need in small doses, so while I’ll watch the pilot (as my duty to country and y’all) I imagine this is not going to be my kind of show.  Oh, and a little show called Saturday Night Live has its fall premiere this weekend with host Miley Cyrus…so that should be entertaining, to say the least.

Now back to the big night…

Returning Sunday:

Madam Secretary (8/7c CBS)

Homeland (9/8c Showtime) – Season five is switching locations and will take place in Berlin.  I stopped watching after season three, but this shift might entice me to come back–I love the actors, but the show felt like it was replaying the same stories and settings after a while, much like 24 did back in the day.

The Leftovers (9/8c HBO) – I didn’t read the novel this show is based on, so I have nothing to compare it to, but the pilot last year left me a little unnerved.  I just couldn’t stay with it, but I always enjoy Justin Theroux.

The Good Wife (9/8c CBS)

The Affair (10/9c Showtime) – This was one of my favorite shows from last season.  I love the concept (same story from different perspectives) and I love the acting.  If you missed it, I highly recommend binging season one before the premiere.

CSI: Cyber (10/9c CBS)

Next week the CW shows finally return and my inner teen could not be more thrilled!

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