Teen Tuesday

I’m officially right over that 18-35 demographic as of last month, but I just can’t quit my CW shows.  In the same way that I try to justify shopping at Forever 21 still, despite most of the clothes coming from my 5th grade closet.  (If it looks like Kelly Taylor wore it or it showed up in a Bell Biv Devoe video, you can keep it ’cause I already lived it.)

Between the programming on The CW and ABC Family right now, you can almost recreate the golden years of the WB.  (Pause to remember the awesomeness of the WB.)  Seriously, this is one of the best season line-ups The CW has had in a while, and they’ve had some rocky years.  In a market saturated with superhero shows and movies right now, The Flash and Arrow are both at the top of the list, in my opinion.  (It doesn’t hurt that the leads of both shows appeal to anyone with eyes.)  And Gina Rodriguez was the break-out star last season, winning a Golden Globe for Jane the Virgin.  Even older shows that seemed to have lost their way (The Vampire Diaries losing the heart of its show, Nina Dobrev!) are getting some good buzz over their new seasons.  We shall see, but personally I’m not giving up these guilty pleasures any time soon.

Returning tonight:

The Flash (8/7c The CW)  I’m excited to see Teddy Sears (Masters of Sex) join the cast this season.

iZombie (9/8c The CW) Really fun first season–it’s only 13 episodes if you want to catch up and DVR the premiere.  If you’re a fan of Veronica Mars, or any Rob Thomas show really, you’ll love the snarky dialogue and adorable cast.

I’m off to doodle someone’s name on my notebook.  And by notebook, I mean tablet.

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