Snow & Heat

Another week, another batch of new and returning shows.  (Don’t worry, it slows wayyyy down by the end of this week.)  One of my favorite shows from last year returns tonight: Jane the Virgin.  This adorable show has so much heart.  At first glance it seems over-the-top–a twentysomething virgin is accidentally artificially inseminated when the doctor gets her mixed-up with another patient–but Gina Rodriguez grounds this character and makes you root for her, no matter how fantastical some of the scenes get.  (There’s a reason why she won the Golden Globe last year.)  There are a lot of soapy plot twists, but the show also has its down-to-earth moments and a great love triangle with three very pretty people, in the very pretty city of Miami.  In case I still haven’t convinced you to watch, let me list the rest of their awards: AFI TV Program of the Year, People’s Choice Favorite New TV Comedy, Peabody Award Winner.  Ok, how ’bout now?  I give up if that doesn’t do it.

Returning tonight:

Jane the Virgin (9/8c The CW) – See shout out above.

Fargo (10/9c FX) – I’ve never seen the film version (gasp! I know.), and I missed the first season of this because I’m not a Billy Bob Thornton fan.  Like True Detective, this anthology changes casts each season, and lucky for me it’s all actors I really enjoy this time around.  The new season is already getting great critical reviews, so I’ll watch at least the first episode and see what this series is all about.

New shows:

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (8/7c The CW) – This musical comedy is about a New Yorker who moves to California to pursue her former boyfriend.  The concept feels a little zany based on the trailer and ads, but sometimes that produces interesting stuff.  Each episode features original songs and the star, Rachel Bloom, already has an audience from her viral videos.

Speaking of people who move across the country for a boy…Entertainment Weekly’s current Reunions issue, featuring the cast of Felicity, is fantastic!  It’s also the magazine’s 25th anniversary issue and it is full of all kinds of fun–I highly recommend picking up a copy if you’re pop-culture obsessed!  Take a peek here.

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