October Recap

As we reach the middle of October, the bulk of the new shows have started and with the exception of some end of the month additions and a few coming in November, everything is pretty much set for the season.  (Unless it gets cancelled, of course.)  So here’s round two of what I’m loving and what I’m skipping.

Quantico – Still hooked.

Blood & Oil – After 3 episodes, I still don’t care about the characters–I may give it one or two more and then it’s gone.

Indian Summers – This one’s just been sitting on the DVR since the pilot…clearly at the bottom of my list, but may be saved for an early winter double feature with Downton Abbey…I just can’t get into it right now for some reason.

Blindspot – First show of the season to get a full order, so I’ll stick around and see what unfolds.

Life in Pieces – Still funny–still watching.

The Grinder – Keep…for now.  I am loving Fred Savage on this show, even though I’m not a huge sitcom fan.  He’s doing excellent work, and I had no idea I missed him on TV so much!  I’ll stick around to watch him for a bit, but I don’t really care about the show overall yet.

Scream Queens – Still over-the-top fun! I wonder how many people will go as Chanel and Chad Radwell for Halloween.

Limitless – Each week I think I’m going to bag this one, but it keeps doing “things” outside the procedural box and I like that.  (This is what I wish Blindspot would do!) And I find Jake McDorman endlessly charming, so I’m hanging in there.  (I also think his relationship with Jennifer Carpenter is improving–it felt like a strange fit casting-wise at first.)

Grandfathered – Pass.  Sorry, Stamos, this just isn’t charming or funny enough to keep me around.

AHS: Hotel – Keep…I think.  Whoa, that’s some serious Gaga.  This wasn’t as great as I hoped it would be, but I’ll stay for a bit and try not to get sick.  My problem with this show sometimes is the gore factor.  It’s often more disgusting than scary, although it has plenty of creepy moments.  Whereas Scream Queens is silly, jumpy, fun, AHS just takes it a smidge too far for me at times…so we’ll see.

Code Black – Pass. Absolutely nothing there.

The Player – I’m still surprised that I like this one–I have no idea why, I just do.  Kind of the same way I love the Fast & Furious franchise and I’m so not that demographic.  I liked the pilot, disliked the second episode…but was intrigued again by the third.  I’m all over the place with this one, but I’m gonna stay with it for now.

Dr. Ken – Pass. This got great ratings, but it was exactly as I expected.  Not my kind of show.

I’m looking forward to Wicked City and Supergirl, coming later this month, as well as some shows in November, but that’s where I stand with the newbies so far.  And tonight another favorite returns…

Returning tonight:

Manhattan (9/8c WGN America) – Such a great cast!  And they’ll be adding even more famous faces this season: William Peterson, Mamie Gummer, and Neve Campbell.  This is another wonderful show from last season that fell under the radar a little bit, so if you haven’t had a chance to see it, you can stream the first season (only 13 episodes) on Hulu.

Chicago Fire (10/9c NBC)

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