I filled my weekend with all kinds of fall goodness.  Halloween movie mini-marathon Friday night, reading In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware on Saturday (highly recommend!), and a trip to Wilson’s Orchard on Sunday for delicious apple treats, hayrides, and activities.  Sadly, I did not dress up because I couldn’t pull anything together in time, but it appears that Minions are the hot costume for kiddies and adults alike this year–I saw some super cute, creative takes on the characters.  My favorite pic of the day was one I captured on the hayride as we crossed a creek…eerie trees, right?  (For more photos, click on the link to my Instagram account on the right.)


There are several new and returning shows this week, starting with Supergirl tonight.  If you’re like me and you have absolutely zero room on your DVR, you’ll be happy to know they are repeating tonight’s episode on Saturday at 8/7c.  I’ve updated the Fall TV Schedule and things will be shifted around again next week with even more shows returning, so check back to that page for weekly updates.  And speaking of updates, none of the freshman shows have been cancelled yet, but several have had their episodes cut back, which is usually an indication that they’ll die off unless ratings pick up ASAP.  Since you may be feeling TV overload, I thought it might be a good time to check in with where the fall shows stand so you know whether to stay invested or give up the ghost.

Full-season ordered (they’re not going anywhere…yet):

These shows got a full season pick-up, meaning they’ll finish out the year without fear of being cancelled.  It’s no guarantee after that, but at least they’ll have a full season to work out the kinks and find their footing.

Dr. Ken





Additional scripts ordered:

This is a positive sign, but not as concrete as a full-season pick-up.

Code Black

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend



The Grinder

Episodes “Trimmed” (cut back from 13 to 10, 9, etc.):

This usually means ratings are terrible, etc.  Even if critics love the shows, unless they get serious fan love and ratings improve, they’ll most likely die off after the episodes they currently have.

Minority Report

The Player

Blood & Oil

I’ve been keeping up with these shows on Twitter, but for more info on older shows and pretty much everything out there, this site does a great job of putting them all in one place.

Hopefully this helps you make some tough decisions on clearing off some shows (see ya, Blood & Oil!) and making space for new ones.  For instance…

New tonight:

Supergirl (8:30/7:30c CBS tonight only, 8/7c regularly) – I’m eager to see if a female superhero can be written well and bring in a big audience in this very much male-dominated genre.  I really enjoyed Melissa Benoist on Glee and in Whiplash, and the supporting cast is full of familiar faces: Calista Flockhart, Mehcad Brooks (True Blood), Chyler Leigh (Grey’s Anatomy), David Harewood (Homeland), and Jeremy Jordan (Smash).  I don’t know if it will be a hit based on early reviews, but the promos look promising and I appreciate that networks are even attempting it, especially since the Wonder Woman pilot in 2011 fell through.

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