The End is Near

We did it, folks.  We are finally reaching the end of the fall TV season and I’m still shocked that none of the new shows have been axed.  (There are still three notable shows coming later in November, but I’m calling it.)

Some updates: The Muppets are getting more episodes (God only knows why), Life in Pieces got a full-season pickup (yay!), America’s Next Top Model was cancelled (but will live on for eternity in syndication), Grandfathered and The Grinder got full-season pickups (I’m happy about one of those), Chicago Fire and Chicago PD are getting extended seasons (Chicago MED doesn’t even start until 11/17!), and The Walking Dead has already been renewed for Season 7.  In the meantime…

Returning tonight:

Mom (9/8c CBS)

Elementary (10/9c CBS)

Returning Friday:

Masterchef Junior (8/7c FOX)

World’s Funniest (9/8c FOX)

Returning Sunday:

Getting On (10/9c HBO) Season 3 premiere–this will be the final season.

New Weekend Shows:

Master of None (Netflix) Available in full Friday.  Aziz Ansari is hilarious, so if I had Netflix streaming, I would be all over this.  Alas, I do not.

Agent X (9/8c TNT) I like spy shows, but I feel like Sharon Stone might bring the campiness, so I don’t have high hopes.

Flesh and Bone (8/7c Starz) Yasssssssssss.  I’m kind of a dance movie/TV show geek, so I am all in.  The trailer looks dark & twisty, plus Alex Wong, a fan favorite from So You Think You Can Dance, and Sascha Radetsky, from Center Stage fame, are in it!  Watch the first episode for free here.

3 thoughts on “The End is Near

    • Emily Grimes says:

      I agree, Anthony. A lot of shows will clearly stop at the end of their current order, so I expect a lot of mid season replacements. It’s just an unusual year–in the past shows with better ratings than most this year have been axed after just two or three episodes. I’m assuming networks just don’t have good replacements and would rather let these burn off.


      • Anthony says:

        That may be true, or there might just be a lack of confidence with what they have on the backburner–additionally, they might be feeling even more pressure by all of the streaming services picking off the talent that they would normally expect to come to them.

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