The One With All the Girls

I’ve been talking to several of my girlfriends lately, and as we’re all spread out in various states, it’s kind of a miracle that we still keep in touch the way we do.  I treasure my female friendships now more than ever, and I appreciate all of them for the different ways they inspire me and what they each bring to my life.

There are friends who’ve known me since high school: Juli, whose creativity knows no limits. I’m constantly in awe of her design projects, and love any chance I get to hear her sing, even if it’s just her kitchen. It’s a joy to see her become the mother she has always wanted to be.  Beth, whose humor and movie quote knowledge never fails to make me giggle.  She listens patiently and kindly to her friends, even after she’s been listening to others all day long.

Friends who share my love of film, television, books, and so much more: Carrie, who’s independent like me, but the more adult-version I strive to be.  She just bought a house, bakes like nobody’s business, and comes home every night after a day job to a writing gig many would kill for. Shannon, whose work ethic and determination are unparalleled.  She didn’t just move to the opposite coast to go to grad school, she graduated with honors and is living and working in a city she loves. Tina, who radiates warmth and kindness.  I wish I could bottle her–she is the essence of “nice”, in the best possible way. On top of that, she’s one of the most intelligent women I know. Courtney, who defies the stereotype of a sorority girl, making you wish you had actually joined one! She is “Southern charm” at its best, always planning awesome adventures you desperately want to be a part of, and always including others in her fun activities.  She makes a helluva dinner/movie date, as well.

And friends who’ve taught me about myself: Jess, whose friendship has challenged me to be more “real” with all of my friends.  She’s found a way to have an awesome music career on her own terms, and she’s always eager to try new things, never letting her fears get in the way.  Elysa, who loves life and travel and is such a patient listener.  I admire her no-fuss, healthy lifestyle and her passion to help others find wellness. And finally Jessica, who looks like a model but is the most down-to-earth beauty you’ll ever meet.  She’s my “lifestyle” guru, always encouraging and interested in what’s going on with others. She also puts together Ikea furniture like a pro.

It’s natural in life to lose touch with people, or to not be in touch as often once family and work commitments take over. The old saying, “Friends are there for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” is so true.  I’ve lost touch with many over the years, but they still shaped who I am and meant so much to me.  There are numerous college friends, book club buddies, acting class pals, and work friends/mentors that I think of often and wish I talked to more–and not just on Facebook. As someone who preferred having guy friends as a kid, it hasn’t always been easy for me to have female friendships. Thankfully, I’ve grown enough to know not every friend has to be a BEST friend. (Something I probably tried to force on many when I was younger.) I’ve always had a tendency to overshare and want to really know people beyond the superficial level, and sometimes I’ve sped up that process with disastrous results. Now I can appreciate spending time with others without talking about the “deep stuff”, or just letting the “deep stuff” happen more organically. There’s something to be said about having lots of people in your life who can be there for you in many different ways.

So in honor of all my girls, here’s my list of great gal pal movies and TV shows, starting with this trailer for the new film Miss You Already. It’s already out in major cities and I’m hoping we’ll get it here soon. I challenge you not to cry.


Friends: Technically a show about 3 girls and 3 guys, but the fact that Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are still besties says it all. This scene is one of my favorites.


Sex and the City: Forget the sex (which is hilariously tame now, btw), the show was all about female friendship. This clip shows how these women were always supporting each other.  I like their definition of soul mates.


Bridesmaids: One of the most honest portrayals of women I’ve ever seen–there’s a reason it was a mega-hit.  This scene is exactly how best friends talk to each other and it’s perfection.


Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion: There are so many classic moments from this movie, but I love this road trip clip.  Don’t we all wish we could live with our best friend?


Muriel’s Wedding: Best friends have your back no matter what and this movie is proof our female friendships can sometimes be more meaningful than romantic ones.  Also, I would love to perform ABBA songs with any friend on stage.


Still need more female bonding?  Check out Waiting to Exhale, The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

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