Holiday TV Movie Bliss

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m a big fan of ABC Family. Sometimes you wanna watch intense shows, and sometimes you just need the warm, familiar hug of an ABC Family marathon. I’m talking movies that require your all-day pajamas and make you go on a Toaster Strudel bender. A network where it’s entirely possible to deep dive into the world of sub-par chick flicks and not move from the couch all weekend.  Seriously, I’ve yet to meet a woman between the ages of 12 and 40 who doesn’t love something on that channel.  And now with the holidays approaching, we’re getting closer to another genius programming idea: 25 Days of Christmas. (There’s even a Countdown to 25 Days running Nov 22-30 if you can’t hold out any longer.) Here’s the schedule starting December 1st:


The other channel my TV lives on during the holidays is the Hallmark Channel. I first got hooked on Hallmark movies several years ago when I couldn’t make it home the holidays yet again.  They are unapologetically cheesy, wholesome, and predictable.  And I love them.  They fall into the “so bad they’re good” category and I promise you they’ll put you in the spirit, no matter what your circumstances are that year. Struggling with finances and gift-giving? Here’s one that’ll remind you of what matters. Worried about family drama? Candace Cameron Bure feels you, girl. Single and lonely? You’re practically dating those same 5 hunky actors that show up in EVERY Hallmark movie. Occasionally, you’ll even find the one-off with decent dialogue, great actors, and a more modern story– jackpot! (It should be noted that this channel also has some amazing Valentine’s Day and June Wedding programming, if your heart can handle that sort of thing.) I’m a little annoyed that they started playing Christmas movies on Halloween this year, so I’m purposefully waiting until Thanksgiving weekend to start overdosing on my DVR bounty.  (I said I’m not watching, recording is a whole other matter.) Click on the link above for Hallmark’s daily movie schedule, or just flip on the channel any time–they’re playing pretty much 24/7 until New Year’s. I promise not to judge if you start now.


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