I bought a gratitude journal about six months ago and I’ve been hoarding it away with all of my other journals and notebooks. (I’m a paper junkie.) Being thankful is something that has never come easy to me, so I wanted to start a new tradition this year and keep my head in the right place for the next few months. (And hopefully longer!) I’m always thankful for my family and friends, but beyond that, I don’t always see the silver linings and the last oh, decade or so, has been draining for me. As part of my year-long “start-over-in-life” process, I want to really work on being more positive and seeing the good in my life, no matter what my current circumstances are.  In the past when I’ve gone through a difficult time, my friend Juli would always encourage me to think of 5 things I was grateful for, and it usually helped pull me out of my head for a bit, even if it did take all night to think of a whopping 5 things.  Sometimes I could keep it up for a week, and other times I’d already moved on by the following day.  So I thought this journal that is specifically designed for gratitude might keep me on track with a positive outlook, especially since each day has a different writing prompt to keep the ideas flowing. If you’re interested in my eco-friendly version below, here’s where you can find it. My new tradition begins…

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m grateful that you all are reading this and hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend with your families.

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