Ease on Down the Road

The Wiz Live! finally happens tonight on NBC at 8/7c! Queen Latifah as the Wiz?! Ne-Yo, Common, and Mary J. Blige?!?! No disrespect to Diana Ross and Michael Jackson, but this version looks like it’s going to have some dang good voices.

To get yourself in full musical mode, please enjoy these clips from my top 5 favorite musicals.  Happy Thursday!

Wicked – I would pay ridiculous amounts of money to go back in time and see the original cast, but I still loved the tour version I saw years ago at the Pantages.  So many great songs, but nobody needs to cry at work, so here’s the cute one:


Chicago – The closing number and the cell block tango are what I live for.


Hairspray – I loved the original film with Ricki Lake, but the musical version has some of the catchiest songs ever. The film had an excellent cast, with the exception of Travolta…I wish they’d gone with Harvey Fierstein instead.


Grease – However, I do love Travolta in this classic.  You know you’ve seen it a million times, so instead, here’s a promo clip for the live version to coming to FOX January 31st.


Annie – I have a soft spot for Annie because I did the musical in college.  I only had one line, but at least I got to be three different supporting players: a maid, a Hooverville resident, and a NYC Rockette! (Wink.)


*The Last Five Years – Honorable mention goes to this gem I recently saw with the wonderful Anna Kendrick.  This musical wasn’t on my radar at all, but the songs are beautiful.  Get your tissues.


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