It has everything: ants, angels, royalty…

There’s a lot happening today in both film & TV, so let’s get right to it. (I know you’re busy–Hanukkah began Sunday night and there are only 18 days till Christmas!)

Out today on DVD:

TrainwreckR (Amy Schumer, Bill Hader) – One of the freshest rom-com’s I’ve seen in awhile…probably my favorite since Bridesmaids. Amy Schumer’s raunchy and a little offensive, but who cares because she’s hilarious and clever as hell. I discovered her Comedy Central show right before the second season and it is genius.  If you’re a fan of her show and stand-up (her comedy special at the Apollo killed!) I think you’ll go into this movie enjoying it more than someone who hasn’t heard of her–it might take a few minutes for newbies to warm up to her style. Also, Bill Hader should be in everything.

Ant-Man – PG-13 (Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas) – I love Paul Rudd, but this is one of the Marvel movies I was least excited for. The reviews that came in surprised me, so I think it’s worth a rental.

Knock Knock – R (Keanu Reeves) – This psychological thriller from Eli Roth flew under the radar, but the trailer looks intriguing and I’ll watch Keanu in anything.

TV Tonight:

The Flash – Mid-season finale!

Scream Queens – 2 hour season finale starting at 8/7c.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – CBS 10/9c – I think watching this for the musical acts (Selena Gomez, the Weeknd, etc.) is akin to reading Playboy for the articles.  I’ve never seen this December staple, but I do enjoy their pj’s.  In fact, I’m wearing them right now, with the top completely open like the models…’cause that’s how all women wear them, right?

*I’ve updated the fall TV schedule (soon to be renamed Midseason TV) with returning dates for all of your favorite shows, and TBD for some shows that haven’t officially been cancelled.  I’ll be updating weekly as midseason scheduling comes out.

Holiday Programming:

If you’re patiently waiting for The Royal We to come to the big screen, then you’ll enjoy this collection of royal themed Hallmark movies.

Once Upon a HolidayTonight 10/9c – (2015) Briana Evigan, Paul Campbell – I know Briana Evigan from the Step Up franchise, so I kept expecting her to dance at some point. Alas, that didn’t happen. (Side note: Paul Campbell is a familiar face on Hallmark and he has one of the most delightful mini biographies on IMDB.)

Crown for Christmas – Wed 2 pm/1c  – (2015) Danica McKeller – Maid in Manhattan meets The Sound of Music.

A Princess for ChristmasThurs 2 pm/1c – (2011) Sam Heughan, Roger Moore – I’m not hearing great things about this one, but it has Jamie from Outlander, in case that blows your kilt up.

A Royal Christmas – Fri 8/7c – (2014) Lacey Chabert, Jane Seymour


**In case you didn’t get the title of the post, the “It has everything:” is a famous Bill Hader phrase from his SNL Stefan skits. Go seek them out.

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