I recently started an internship with a local theatre and it is thrilling to get back to my roots! The wonderful thing about live theater is that almost every city or town has something to offer, so it’s a great training ground for actors, even if they want to eventually go into film and television. Larger cities have more options of course, with professional companies or multiple venues, but even the smallest of towns typically has some place to learn and perform, whether it’s a college group or community theatre.

Sometimes I wish I had gone to film school, but I wouldn’t trade my college theatre experience for anything. I was in show choir throughout high school, and since we couldn’t take two electives, I wasn’t able to take theater also, but the minute I got to college I auditioned for the first production that came up.  I took plenty of theater and film classes in college, but my deepest regret is that I didn’t major in it. (I thought my English degree would be more useful. I was wrong.) In fact, I ended up staying at my university five years instead of four, and most of that was due to taking a lighter course load so that I could perform in productions and work in the theatre department.  It wouldn’t have been such a juggling act if I had just been true to myself and not taken the “safe route”.

Being back in a theater this past week has brought up all of those old feelings.  The joy of seeing a new set go up, watching the kids in the cast support each other, and walking through the green room and being part of the behind-the-scenes crew. I’m not sure where this opportunity will lead, but part of my “take two” in life right now, is getting back to the kind of career that will move me.  I don’t want to chase after old experiences if they don’t fit anymore, and it’s too soon to tell if this is where I belong, but it’s a start.  I just want to follow my heart and stay on a path that fits me, instead of taking the same old road that may bring me steady income, but leaves me empty.

Speaking of live performances…my TV pick of the night is Adele Live in New York City on NBC tonight at 10/9c. This special one night only concert at Radio City Music Hall will feature songs from her latest album, which has already broken all kinds of records. The woman is unstoppable. My favorite tracks from 25 are “Hello”, Water Under the Bridge”, and “Sweetest Devotion”, but I’m hoping she’ll play a few of her classics from other albums tonight, too.

Coming later this week…my “best of 2015” lists!

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