More Holiday Movies, Actually

Lesson of the week: Don’t stray from the Hallmark channel. I tried to branch out to Lifetime and UP for original TV movies but it just didn’t work–they lack that something special that Hallmark has.

Now that almost everything is on winter hiatus, it’s pretty much all holiday entertainment for me until New Year’s.  Below are more of my picks to get you through Christmas Day.

And speaking of Christmas Day, I’m thrilled to see that Logo is going to have back-to-back viewings of Love Actually for most of the day. I’ve seen this movie a gazillion times, so you would think I’d remember to add it to my “must” lists, but apparently I spaced this year.  I saw it 3 (yes, 3!) times in the theater when it came out–I simply had to share it with anyone who hadn’t seen it yet! A couple of years ago I even had a chance to go to the Girlie Night screening of it at Alamo Drafthouse, and it was delightful to experience it with so many “girlies”.

Because you can never have too many holiday options…

Friday 12/18

Serendipity – Starz Edge 6:05/5:05c am – You gotta love this Christmas Eve meet-cute from 2001. Also showing on Flix.

The Preacher’s Wife – ABC Family 7/6c am – Such a great soundtrack! Whitney Houston knows how to do holiday gospel.

Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge – Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel- 9/8c –  I really enjoyed this one–because it was a book, I found the plot more interesting than most, and it actually felt like Franklin, Tennessee, as opposed to Canada, “Tennessee”. However, I am super frustrated that this was just part one (something they didn’t advertise) and part two won’t be released until NEXT Christmas! I wait for TV shows all the time, but it seems a bit ridiculous to wait for part two of a mini-series/TV movie for an entire year. Just sayin’.

Christmas Cupid – ABC Family 9:45/8:45c am – If you’re an Ashley Benson fan (Pretty Little Liars), you’ll enjoy this cheesy-cute holiday movie from 2010.

Saturday 12/19:

The Wiz Live! – NBC 8/7c – If you happened to miss this live musical earlier this month, here’s your chance to watch. (Or re-watch!)

A Christmas Melody – Hallmark 8/7c – Miss Mariah makes her Hallmark debut in this new holiday movie, followed by a Christmas special afterwards.

Mariah Carey’s Merriest Christmas – Hallmark 10/9c – You know she’s going to do that song.

Sunday 12/20:

The Santa Clause 2 – FX 2/1c pm – 1 &3 in the trilogy are playing on ABC Family, but this second film will be playing on FX for the next week.

Christmas With the Kranks – FX 4/3c pm – Tim Allen film, based on the novel by John Grisham.

Holiday in Handcuffs – ABC Family 12am/11 pm c – Another fun one with Melissa Joan Hart & Mario Lopez. It’s exactly what you expect, and a nice dose of ’90s nostalgia.

Monday 12/21:

Die Hard – Starz in Black 2:35/1:35c pm & 10:30/9:30c – Yes, this is a Christmas movie, and it’s the only one in the series that I truly enjoy. Bruce Willis at his best. (Also playing on Encore on 12/24.)

The Hollywood Christmas Parade 2015 – Hallmark 4/3c pm

A Saturday Night Live Christmas – NBC 9/8c

Tuesday 12/22:

The Holiday – Encore 5:40/4:40c pm – Jude Law having hot chocolate with his kids. That’s all.

Christmas Eve:

It’s a Wonderful Life – NBC 8/7c – My all-time, favorite Christmas movie. It’s a classic, with countless imitations for a reason.

A Christmas Story – TBS 8/7c, back-to-back through 6/5c pm on Christmas Day

Christmas Day:

Love Actually – Logo 3/2c pm, back-to-back through 12 am/11 pm c – How do you NOT cry during the opening and closing airport scenes? (Trick question.)

The Family Stone – ION 7/6c & 9/8c – I *hate* this movie, but I know it’s a favorite for some. So in the spirit of giving…here you go.

And don’t worry, Hallmark still plays Christmas movies non-stop up until New Year’s Eve. Enjoy!


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