Brrr, It’s Cold in Here…

I have a zillion things I could be doing today, and to all of them I say, “Nope!”  Ever have one of those days where you just want to stare out the window and do nothing? It’s 12 degrees outside, but really feels like -6. I had to go out earlier to peel the windshield wipers off my windshield and buy new ones, as they came apart on me yesterday in the rain, and I still can’t seem to warm up inside.  Fireplace + tomato soup + grilled cheese = excellent plan for the afternoon.

I’ll get right on that to-do list shortly…

But right now I’m going to scoot over here and make this little Golden Globes Pinterest board…and maybe print out these fun bingo cards to play with the show…and jump over here to look up the recipe for this year’s cocktail: the Moet Ruby Red.

I’ll be live-tweeting through the show tomorrow night, since I don’t know enough people here to justify a party. 🙂

Side note: If you missed the brilliant Sherlock special on New Year’s Day, you can catch it again January 10th at 10/9c on PBS. Sadly, we have to wait until 2017 for the next installment.


More thoughts on new/returning shows:

American Crime: Excellent acting, intriguing story. I’m going through an “escapism phase”, where I only have the desire to watch fluff and a few serious dramas, so I may circle back to this later, when I can handle the intensity.

Angel From Hell: Cute. I giggled more than I thought I would, so it gets another episode or two.

Shades of Blue: Much better than I expected. Also, J Lo apparently doesn’t age, and she’s STILL my body idol.


*Bonus points if you were able to sing the second part of the title of today’s post.


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