First things first: I stand corrected. Star Wars: The Force Awakens was pretty dang good. Mostly because I fell in love with the character of Rey and all that she stands for, but the rest of it worked too. 😉 Happy to report that J.J. still hasn’t let me down, and I’m sorry I doubted him for even a second. So I’d like to atone for this post.

When I was growing up, I wanted to ride with the boys in Young Guns 2 and raise hell–I had no interest in playing the one female role of the gal in the whorehouse. And yes, I still would’ve liked to ride off into the sunset with Christian or Keifer. (On my own horse, thank you very much.) It is possible to be strong and feminine, or have it not matter at all (mind blown!). I’m so glad young girls have a character like this to look up to.  (Side note: Nicole Sperling wrote a great piece in Entertainment Weekly about what this character meant to her daughters, and it’s lovely. Read it here.)

So in honor of this fierce character, here are a few other women in TV and film who’ve inspired me over the years. (Yes, some still had to wear the obligatory bikini now and then, but I’m willing to overlook that since they can all hold their own.) In no particular order…

Bridget Fonda: Point of No Return


Geena Davis: The Long Kiss Goodnight


Jennifer Garner: Alias


Yvonne Strahovski: Chuck


Jessica Alba: Dark Angel


Emily Bett Rickards: Arrow


Rebecca Ferguson: Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation


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