Oscar Noms 2016

Well, the Oscar nominations are finally in, for better or worse.  Here’s the complete list. As you may have heard, it was another year that lacked diversity. For me, the biggest snubs were Will Smith for Concussion (to borrow a phrase, “he completely disappeared into that role”!!), Paul Dano in Love & Mercy (I’m pretty sure people take for granted how talented this guy is), Jason Segel in The End of the Tour (brilliant and heartbreaking), and Sicario (although it managed to get noms for Cinematography, Sound Editing and Original Score, so that’s something).

**(Side rant: Did no one see this freaking awesome film? Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro were amazing…and if Mad Max: Fury Road can make it into the Best Picture category, Sicario sure as hell deserved it also. That is all. I’m Done. Really.)**

Most of it was predictable, but there are still plenty of great films being “spotlighted”.

One of the things I always do for my Oscar parties is print out ballots for everyone to fill out pre-show, then we each put $5 in, and the person with the most correct categories on the their ballot takes the cash. (Or splits it, if there’s a tie.) I’m not hosting a party this year (sigh), but if you want to play along with me online, I’ll be doing the Oscars challenge for all kinds of prizes. (If you win the tix to the 2017 red carpet, I expect you to take me.)

More Oscar info to come as we get closer…I’ve even included a countdown!


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