I saw a great little picture last night called Trumbo. (See what I did there?) I love “Old Hollywood” stories, and thought I knew them all by now, including the “blacklist” years. In fact, the marketing for this was so under the radar (I never saw a single promo), that when I read “McCarthy” and “Communism” in a review of it, I dismissed it, thinking it would be too similar to the excellent Good Night, And Good Luck. (Let’s pause for that trailer, in case you haven’t seen that terrific film.)


Trumbo had little in common with that film, though, and is terrific in its own right.  I can see why Bryan Cranston is up for the Best Actor Oscar, but it has a wonderful ensemble, as well: Helen Mirren, Diane Lane, and John Goodman, among others. Stylistically, I loved the way they incorporated real footage of the stars at the time with the actors in new scenes (John Wayne, Kirk Douglas), and there were some nice nods to the films of that era with the way they shot certain moments. But before I bore you to death with my analysis, here’s the trailer with Bryan Cranston acting his face off. Go see it!



New shows:

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: This pilot was pretty silly, but if you’ve been watching Arrow or The Flash, you’re probably already invested in most of the characters. I may give it another go, but it was pretty “meh”.

London Spy: One episode and I’m hooked. Fantastic thriller, with some of the best chemistry and sexual tension I’ve seen in awhile. I love shows that make you pay attention, and this one definitely does that.

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