Super Bowl 50

I think there’s something to do with football happening this Sunday?

I had to double check this, but yes, yes there’s definitely a football something happening from 6-10 ET on CBS.

My knowledge of the sport goes a little something like this: “Take that tight end to the back end, put your back field in motion, and have him get up to the 40 yard line…or first and ten. Oh, and special teams! Special teams!” I know just enough terms to be dangerous. If you happen to sit beside me at a Super Bowl party, I will only look up from my magazine/phone/distraction to peek at the commercials, and I’ll throw in a, “Yeah! Get it!” whenever I hear the people around me start to raise the volume during a play.

50 seems like a significant number, though, and I do want to see Peyton play (Go Vols!), since there are rumors of it possibly being his last game. So–spoiler alert–I might actually watch more than just the commercials and halftime show this year. (Coldplay, with rumors of Beyonce, in case you’re wondering.) Plus, I can totally get behind an entire day/evening devoted to mindless snacking and lounging.

For a bit of nostalgia and pop culture, here’s a great article from ESPN magazine about “pre-everything” 1991, and the impact of Whitney Houston at Super Bowl XXV.

If you’re not a football fan, you should probably still watch the Puppy Bowl XII on Animal Planet from 3-5 ET, because PUPPIES!!!


Gahhhhh! The cuteness. #TeamRuff and #TeamFluff, y’all. And a kitty halftime show! You can even do a Fantasy Team! I’m done. I’m just going to stay on their website and look at the starting lineup the rest of the day.

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