Spring Fever

After months of negative temps, and false starts with T-shirt weather, Spring *might* finally be here. (According to Iowans, there’s always a possibility of a March/April cold snap and more snow, but I choose not to engage in this ugly talk.) I’m desperate to get back on the trail in my neighborhood and enjoy the sunshine. We live behind a public golf course and after a certain number of days with consistent warmer weather, there’s suddenly an abundance of golf carts whizzing by and you know it’s official.

Warmer weather means I drastically cut down on my TV time, and I get out to the theater more often. Traditionally, the time between the Oscars and the start of summer blockbuster season is dull, but there are the occasional sleeper hits. Here’s what I’m looking forward to for the next few months.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2: Talk about a sleeper hit! The first movie was a complete word of mouth success, and one of my favorite rom-coms. It’s funny and endearing, and it was the first time I felt like a real woman was represented in a popular, mainstream movie. I can’t wait to see what this family is up to now.

I Saw the Light: I do love music biopics, and Tom Hiddleston can do no wrong in my opinion. I’ve loved him in absolutely every movie he’s been in. (Fingers crossed he’s the next Bond!) The film is about the life of country singer Hank Williams, and I’m honestly surprised it’s taken this long for a movie to be made of his life.

Miles Ahead: Speaking of music, Don Cheadle as Miles Davis should make for a very interesting biography, as well.

The Boss: Melissa McCarthy & Kristin Bell. Need I say more?

Mother’s Day: Pretty soon you’ll be able to own the entire holiday collection: New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day…surely “St.Patrick’s Day” is in the works–set in Boston, of course. (My dream cast of couples: Mark Wahlberg & Amy Poehler, David Walton & Mindy Kaling, Chris Evans & Taylor Schilling, Denis Leary & Neal McDonough.) I can’t help myself, I will totally see this because it fits my cheesy rom-com vibe so perfectly. (Seriously, why has no one made “St.Patrick’s Day”?!)

Keanu: I love everything about this: the George Michael music, “You sound like John Ritter all the time.”, the most adorable kitten ever…the trailer gives me the giggles every time I watch it. (I also happen to love John Wick and hope Keanu is getting a giggle out of this, too.)

This should give you plenty of options until superheroes invade your summer!


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