Dancing, Doctors & Stitchers

Remember when I said “Spring is here”? I’m currently drinking hot cocoa and watching wet snow fall. Damn you, Iowa.

However, this does mean I feel less guilty about snuggling on the couch a little longer with more TV. And there is indeed more TV.

Last week gave us the return of The Americans, one of the best spy series ever. We also got season 2 of Daredevil, which you can now stream in its entirety on Netflix. (I really enjoyed the first season, but I’m in no hurry to jump back on Netflix after the “meh” reviews of the new season.)

Here’s a look at what’s coming this week:


Dancing With the Stars returns to ABC for season 22 (!) at 8/7c. I didn’t start watching DWTS until two seasons ago, so this is all still new and fun for me. This is really my only reality TV guilty pleasure, especially now that So You Think You Can Dance is planning a kid season for the summer. The Houghs will be sitting this season out, sadly, but I’m happy as long as Val is still around. Here’s the full cast announcement.

I mentioned the lovely, genius Nora Ephron in an earlier post, so I’m excited for HBO’s Everything Is Copy, a look at her life via friends and colleagues. It premieres at 9/8c.


Stitchers returns to Freeform for its season 2 spring premiere at 10/9c.

If you get the Audience channel, there are two shows of note coming this week. You Me Her, a new comedy starring Greg Poehler and Rachel Blanchard, debuts Tuesday night at 9/8c. Rogue returns for season 3 on Wednesday at 9/8c.

Heartbeat, a new medical show starring Melissa George, premieres this Tuesday at 9/8c on NBC. (It’s regular time will be Wednesdays at 8/7c.) The tagline is “Operating on her own terms.”, and it’s “from the studio that brought you House“, which explains why it looks exactly like a female-version of House. Melissa George (Alias, The Slap) is long overdue for a hit, and I don’t want to put any actors out of work, but I really wish this kind of show would just die off already…it feels like an old-model of network TV. That being said, if medical dramas with attractive people are your thing, have at it.


Already missing How To Get Away With Murder? Have no fear, another Shondaland show, The Catch, debuts in the same time slot at 10/9c. I really enjoyed Mireille Enos in The Killing, and who doesn’t love Peter Krause?! This looks like a fun show, with typical Shonda Rhimes flavor (aka, stylish clothes and lots of sex).


Jeremy Piven returns in season 4 of PBS’s Mr. Selfridge at 10/9c. (If you’re a fan of the hunky James Norton, his series, Grantchester, returns for season 2 at 9/8c, also on PBS.)

Set your DVRs and have a good week!

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