Clones & Mole Women

I seem to be pulled in a million different directions lately, but I am determined to at least keep up my weekly TV rundown until I get through this busy phase and can write more consistently. (It also doesn’t help that the weather isn’t cooperating with some of the fun spring posts I have planned that require the outdoors.) So, without further ado, here’s your weekly TV guide!


The Detour premieres tonight on TBS at 9/8c. This looks like it might be another riff on the familiar “family road trip comedy”, but I’ll give it a go at least for the pilot. (Also, I’m a sucker for anything with the very talented Natalie Zea.)

Hunters premieres tonight on SYFY at 10/9c, right after the season finale of The Magicians. Two words: Julian McMahon.

If you love you some Real Housewives you’ll be excited to know they take over Dallas starting tonight. (Side note: How are they just now doing Dallas?! Honestly, I would’ve thought that would be one of the first cities to hit.)


Catch a special premiere of Game of Silence on NBC at 10/9c. This drama about four childhood friends who share a secret looks like an intriguing mystery. (Regular time slot will be Thursdays at 10/9c.)

The Mindy Project returns to Hulu, and while I really enjoyed the first three seasons of this show and adore Mindy Kaling as a writer in general, I have to admit I couldn’t get into the fourth season and gave it up quickly. I thought the switch from FOX to Hulu would be a gift, making it easier to get away with things without a network’s input, but I think it was just that the pregnancy/baby storyline stopped working for me at some point. But, the good thing about Hulu is that it’s easy to binge and catch up, so I may give it another go, simply for my love of Ms. Kaling.


The first thing about Clone Club, you don’t talk about Clone…wait, wrong thing. 😉 Orphan Black returns to BBC America at 10/9c this Thursday. Last season seemed to lose some oomph, but I still think Tatiana Maslany deserves an Emmy for her many characters. Here’s hoping this season gets back to the fun of the first two!

For reality TV fans, John Cena hosts a new competition show on FOX called American Grit, premiering at 9/8c.


At last! The adorable, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt returns to Netflix for season two. If you’re unfamiliar with this clever comedy from Tina Fey, here’s the trailer from the first season to catch you up. Hurry and binge before the new season!


The HBO Original Movie, Confirmation, starring Kerry Washington, premieres at 8/7c. It seems like the ’90s are everywhere lately, and this film about the Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas sexual harassment case is no exception. No doubt Kerry Washington will knock this one out of the park.


Speaking of the ’90s, Andrew Dice Clay is getting his own show on Showtime called…wait for it…Dice. Premieres at 9:30/8:30c.

That’s all for now, but April 24th is coming…

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