Making time!

“We make time for the things we want to do.”

I despise this phrase with a passion. Mainly because it’s often said with such condescension from someone else. Sure, there’s some truth to it, but sometimes practical, basic survival things take precedent over “the things we want to do”.

Here’s what I want to do: Write this blog 2-3x a week. Read a novel in less than a month (my current average). Call my friends and my sister more than twice a year. Go see a movie–something I used to do at least once or twice a week, sometimes pulling a double feature on weekends. (The last movie I saw in the theater was back before the Oscars, and I can’t even remember what it was.) Take a long weekend trip somewhere new and exciting. Sit down and color in my damn adult coloring books.

What I’m currently doing: Working 3 part-time jobs, plus pet/house sitting gigs. Helping my parents clean out their house full of 50 years worth of stuff, so they can put it on the market next year. (Yes, we’re starting this project now because it’s like a Hoarders episode in most of the house. I’m calling it The Purge: Retirement, because I might have to take drastic measures if they don’t start downsizing soon.)

Unfortunately, this chaotic work schedule is my own doing. I took too long of a hiatus between jobs, and now I’m scrambling to save up as much as possible for my next move. If I don’t hustle now and map out some sort of plan, I may have to follow my parents to their next house…and I’m pretty sure none of us want that. They are generous and lovely, but they need to enjoy retirement and I need to get back to an actual adult life.

When I started this blog last September it was my top priority, but with each new part-time/side job I take on, the one thing I’d really like to be doing keeps getting pushed aside.  All of this is to say…if you’re still reading these posts at all, thank you and please bear with me a little longer–I promise they’ll get more interesting!

Speaking of interesting, how ’bout that Jon Snow?!?!?!? Game of Thrones somehow manages to get better and better, even in season 6, when most shows are well past fresh ideas.  (Ok, ok, I do “make time” for GOT, so you caught me.)

All kinds of season finales are happening this week and next, giving us a bit of a breather before summer programming.  A few highlights of what’s finishing up this week:

MONDAY- Damien

TUESDAY- New Girl, Grandfathered, The Grinder

THURSDAY- The Big Bang Theory, Scandal

FRIDAY- The Vampire Diaries

SUNDAY- Once Upon a Time, The Family, Quantico, The Last Man on Earth

Next Week:

MONDAY- Jane the Virgin, Castle

TUESDAY- Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., NCIS

WEDNESDAY- Nashville, Empire, black-ish

THURSDAY- Grey’s Anatomy, The 100

And more to come, of course, later in the month.

Ok, off to job #1!

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