Upfronts – pt. 2

Today it’s all about the new ABC shows.  Here we go…

Designated Survivor

I will follow Kiefer anywhere…even if parts of this look a bit recycled.

American Housewife

The fact that this lovely woman who is not fat is calling herself fat through half of this trailer is precisely why I won’t be watching this. Note to studios: I’m still waiting for a show about a curvy, average-sized woman that has nothing to do with her weight. (Also, don’t type “American Housewife” into YouTube–that’s a whole different kind of search!)


Well, this makes the end of Agent Carter a little easier to bear. Hayley Atwell is always fun to watch, but this feels a little too formulaic for me. (But we also get Merrin Dungey from ALIAS!)


Hot cast, with hot chemistry! Very on-brand for ABC.


Not sure how I feel about this one yet–kind of a strange tone, but I do always enjoy Minnie Driver.

Downward Dog

I am all over this one. Mainly because I’m a crazy dog lady, but also because I really enjoy Allison Tolman.

Imaginary Mary

A little offbeat, but it’s great to see Jenna Elfman on a show again.

Still Star-Crossed

Feels like it belongs on the CW, but since it’s Shondaland, it gets the ABC treatment.

Time After Time

Kevin Williamson has given me some of my favorite shows and movies (Dawson’s Creek, The Vampire Diaries, Scream), so I’m always willing to check out his latest project. This looks too fun!

More to come from CBS & the CW!

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