Upfronts – pt.3

We’re halfway through the week and it’s time for CBS and Turner.

CBS Fall Schedule is here.

Let’s get right to it. (Be warned: I’m not feeling the love for CBS.)


The show is inspired by Dr. Phil’s early career…meaning, it’s nothing like his talk show. Michael Weatherly is a great lead, and he already has a CBS fan base, so it seems like a good fit for the network.

The Great Indoors

Ah, the old “struggle to understand the internet and millennials” approach. Boo.

Kevin Can Wait

Family sitcom, complete with plus-size Dad and tiny Mom. (If you haven’t guessed yet, these types of shows are at the top of my “despise” list. Amy Schumer has a wonderful bit about this in her stand-up special, which you should all watch immediately.) Nothing against Kevin James, it’s just an awful Hollywood scenario that hasn’t died off yet.

I’m just gonna grab my shoes and step off this soapbox…


Was a remake of this really needed? As my friend, Carrie, said, “MacGyver, Hawaii Five-O, and Blue Bloods on Friday night is Peak CBS. The CBS-iest of the CBS.” (You can follow her wittiness on Twitter: @TVandDinners)

Man With A Plan

Et tu, Joey?! You are better than the traditional family sitcom, Matt LeBlanc.

Pure Genius

I’m a big Dermot Mulroney fan, but it looks like a typical medical drama.

Training Day

A remake of the Oscar-winning film. I ask again, needed?

Now, a look at a few of Turner Broadcasting’s new shows from TNT & TBS.

If you love Shakespeare in any form, there’s Will.


I can’t wait to see Michelle Dockery in a very different role than Lady Mary. Good Behavior looks promising.


I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with Search Party–is it a comedy? Dark comedy? Dramedy?


Tomorrow we’ll see what’s new with the CW!

4 thoughts on “Upfronts – pt.3

  1. IAmDonovan says:

    It may just be because I’m in Canada, but all the CBS videos wouldn’t play and said the content wasn’t available… but I looked them up on Twitter and saw them there.


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