Vampires, Spies & Love Stories

How is it August already?! I’m coming down from a month-long sister high, as my bestie has gone home, and now I’m struggling to get back into my old routine. I really thought I could work, stay up half the night playing, and still find time to blog about entertainment…clearly, that was not the case. But I’m back! So, without further ado…


I’m playing catch-up with multiple shows on my DVR right now, all because I introduced my sister to the ridiculous, fun, mess that is True Blood.  We stayed up until 4 a.m. for several weeks, binging our way through as much of the series as we could, before she had to leave. (We had to stop a few episodes into season six and jump to the series finale.) This all started after we saw The Legend of Tarzan earlier this summer. I had forgotten how much I thoroughly enjoy Alexander Skarsgard, and felt she didn’t have a true appreciation of him, so I pushed True Blood on her. I’m happy to report she got hooked and now has a healthy obsession with Skarsgard, so my work here is done.

Missed the “sexy vampire show” the first time around? You can stream it on HBO NOW and Amazon Prime. It’s the perfect, guilty pleasure, summer show. Admittedly, seasons 5-7 are a little rough, but there are still great character moments that make it worth staying ’till the end.

As far as what’s current to watch this week, the Olympics start this Friday…if you like that sort of thing. 😉 The opening ceremony begins Friday night at 7:30/6:30c on NBC, and runs through Sunday, August 21st.


If you’re looking for a slick, action flick, Jason Bourne is a great option. Matt Damon is excellent, as always, and the rest of the cast is strong, too. On a personal note, this is the first time I’ve been uncomfortable with violence in a movie in awhile. Maybe it’s the state of our world currently, or I was just having an anxious day, but it all felt a little too realistic to me. I’ve always thought of summer action movies as pure entertainment, but for some reason I was really in my head with this one. That aside, the fight sequences and international locales deliver.


After some meaty and intense summer reading, I was ready for a sweet love story, so I picked up Jane Green’s latest, Falling. I haven’t read Jane Green since college, when I went on a little bender with Mr. Maybe, Bookends, and Jemima J, but she’s written tons of novels since then. (17 total, to be exact.) I’m not sure why I stopped reading her novels, but I’m glad I found her latest…it’s exactly what I was looking for. If you want a good beach read, I highly recommend this one.

And speaking of True Blood, if you’ve never read the Charlaine Harris novels the series is based on, you should absolutely get on that. Immediately.

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