Fall Tease

I haven’t abandoned the blog. Really! Between family visiting in June & July, and this past month of home improvements and de-cluttering to help my parents put their house on the market, I’ve had little time to write. It helps that it’s been a rather slow time for TV, and a practically dead summer at the movies, with several box office bombs. Somehow this makes me feel less guilty about not posting as often, but it doesn’t really feed my creative spirit.

Thankfully, my favorite time of year is right around the corner: FALL TV SEASON! With my first year of blogging almost behind me, I’m ready to make some changes to the site in the next few weeks and hone in on what I want to focus on/change.  So, I’ll be working on the back end for a little bit, but in the meantime, here are a few of the fall TV things I’m excited for…

  • Planning all my treats for a post-Thanksgiving Netflix binge of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. (Coffee included, of course.)
  • HBO in October…from uber-creepy Westworld to the return of SJP on Divorce!
  • My first crush, Kiefer, back on TV in Designated Survivor (ABC, 9/21).
  • My girl crush, Mandy Moore, back on TV in This Is Us (NBC, 9/20).
  • Tom Felton (Draco!) joins The Flash on the CW (10/4).

Now I just have to patiently wait for my fall TV bible from Entertainment Weekly. Pop on over here to see some fun pics of the boys of ‘Supernatural’ in the next issue.



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