Pilots, pt. 2

As promised, here’s another batch of what to watch/skip.

Timeless (Drama/Adventure) – Watch. Pure entertainment. Silly, fun, doesn’t take itself too seriously. This is a nice Monday night distraction.

Pitch (Drama/Sports) – Watch! I’ve always enjoyed sports movies and TV shows way more than actual sports, but I don’t think you even have to like sports shows to enjoy this new drama. It’s a great story, with a great cast–Ali Larter can still pull off Top Bitch like no one else, Mark-Paul Gosselaar (the facial hair is working for him!) is clearly having fun in his best role in a long time, and the lead, Kylie Bunbury, should be one of the breakout stars of the season. The end of the pilot was a gut punch, so have tissues on hand.

Conviction (Legal Procedural Drama) – Skip…unless you’re a Hayley Atwell fan. Boring pilot, didn’t grab me at all. There’s absolutely nothing new here show-wise, but I happen to love Hayley Atwell, and I’m still bummed about the cancellation of Agent Carter, so I’ll watch for a bit, just to get my Hayley fix. She deserves a much better show than this.

This Is Us (Drama) – Watch! First of all, I did NOT see that twist coming at the end of the pilot. I would’ve watched this show regardless, because it has tons of actors I love, but I’m really interested to see how it plays out and what it all means. This is my kind of show, with a great mix of tender and funny moments–it hits a lot of topics I could relate to, and I think many people will feel the same. Two episodes in, it’s one of my favorites of the new season so far. Again, keep tissues close by.

Bull (Legal Procedural Drama) – Watch. I’m not big on procedurals, but this one doesn’t feel like your typical law show, thankfully. It’s a solid case-of-the-week show, with all the usual elements, but in a fresh way. I never watched NCIS, but I loved Michael Weatherly on Dark Angel (go find it immediately on DVD/streaming), and he’s definitely deserving of a lead role at this point in his career. I’m also a Freddy Rodriguez fan, so I’m sticking around for awhile with this one.

Designated Survivor (Drama) – Watch. Really strong pilot, with an intriguing premise and hook. It’s also a nice change of roles for Keifer Sutherland and Kal Penn, both playing against their usual type. The show is off to a promising start, I just worry that between now and figuring out the mystery of who set the bomb off, the weekly storylines could get a bit dull. But, I’m a long time Kiefer fan, and I’ll follow him anywhere, so let’s see…

MacGyver (Action/Drama) – Skip! Wow, this was super predictable, too formulaic, and a totally unnecessary remake. I appreciate that CBS is clearly trying to appeal to a younger audience, but even with this hot, younger cast, it was beyond boring. I could see the set-up coming from a mile away, but Lucas Till (X-Men) was cute, so that’s something, right?

Westworld (Drama/Sci-fi) – Watch. Crazy, creepy, cool. I had no idea that this was a) based on a cult film from 1973, and b) that film was written by sci-fi master Michael Crichton. Lots of stars, plenty of mystery, and definitely the watercooler show of the fall. So many questions!

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