Grief & Thanks

I don’t talk politics on my blog, so I will keep this short, but I feel I need to say something in the wake of one of the most divisive elections in recent history. I am still processing what this truly means for our country and trying not to let my worry and fear get the best of me. Personally, I will continue to offer my love and support to others, and try to be the best citizen/human being I can. For those of you who are also deeply concerned by this horrendous outcome, please know that I stand with you, support you, and grieve with you.


Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and if you’re having a hard time with gratitude right now, it’s understandable. This is a good time to get ourselves mentally healthy, though, so I offer up two articles. First, how to start a gratitude habit.  (Feel free to file this away for another month–there’s nothing that says November has to be the only time we think of being thankful.) And second, a fill-in-the-blank thankful form.  Whether you’ll be surrounded by family at the holiday, or celebrating a “Friendsgiving”, this is a neat conversation starter to put at each person’s plate or pass around during dessert. If you’ll be alone during this family-oriented holiday, I suggest treating yourself to a movie or getting out in nature on a trail, beach, etc., and spending some reflective time. You may think this is the perfect time to help out at a soup kitchen, but it’s actually one of the worst days of the year. (I can attest to this, as I tried to volunteer at the Union Station Thanksgiving in the Park one year. There were so many volunteers that we just stood around in large groups, trying not to get in the way and waiting eagerly to contribute in some capacity. I signed up hoping to feel connected to others, but left feeling very unfulfilled…and a little ashamed of going back to my apartment feeling “unfulfilled”.) If this is the only time of the year when you feel like you can give back in that way, by all means do it, but if you have the time throughout the year, you will be more useful to a food bank/shelter/soup kitchen when it’s not a holiday.

And now on to the distractions…

Here’s what’s new and returning this week.

T- Good Behavior, Teen Wolf, Sweet/Vicious, Shooter

W- Nightcap, Undercover

Sun- The Affair


Doctor Strange – Skip…or at least save for DVD/streaming There’s no doubt that the actors elevated this film tremendously, but I can’t lie…it felt like one long acid trip to me. (Not that I can speak from experience!) Benedict Cumberbatch can do no wrong, and those teasers at the end had me excited to see him join the Avengers down the road, but this Marvel movie just didn’t work for me. Many reviews called it “trippy”, which may be the understatement of the year–I do not recommend doing any sort of drug before seeing this film. Mostly, though, I suppose I’m so used to the main Marvel characters now, that it felt exhausting to have to care about all new ones. #superherofatigue #thestruggleisreal #stillacumberbitchthough

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