Winter TV

January has been a mixed-bag of new shows, so here’s a new round of what to watch and what to skip.

Beyond (Freeform) – Skip. I’ve seen much better “teen sci-fi”…even from this very channel (Kyle XY).

Taboo (FX) – Watch…if you’re a Tom Hardy fan. He is the sole reason I’m planning to watch the 2nd episode this week. It’s pretty dark, and while it looks neat, the plot was a hot mess and so far it’s not living up to the hype.

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix) – Watch! I’m only one episode in, but I already like this version much better than the 2004 movie. NPH is perfect for this role, and this is a good family pick for older kids who can handle the tone.

Emerald City (NBC) – Skip! One of my besties likes this one, but I thought it was dreadful. The production design is cool, but it was another one with way too many flaws (extremely boring Dorothy, a network show trying to be a cable show, etc.). I had been hopeful, so I was extra disappointed in this one.

Sherlock (PBS) – Watch. The season finale aired last night, so I’m not sure if they’ll re-run any of it, but if you have the chance to watch, it’s definitely an interesting season. (It also felt a bit like a series finale to me, so I’m curious to see if it does come back.) With only three episodes (or mini-movies, really, since they’re an hour and a half), it’s an easy binge.

One Day at a Time (Netflix) – Watch, if you like sitcoms. I’m not a sitcom person, but I did watch the pilot and thought this was lovely. It’s the same team behind Jane the Virgin, and it has a similar warmth to it. It felt fresh and modern (as fresh and modern as sitcoms can be–again, not my favorite format), and it’s another good family pick.

Coming soon:

Riverdale (CW) – Are you a Betty or Veronica? Who cares, I’m just here for Luke Perry!

Beaches (Lifetime) – Yes, I’m totally all in for this remake. I’ll be parked on the couch next Saturday night with a glass of wine, in full cliché mode.

There’s much more happening in February!


And, just for Monday giggles….


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