I tried, folks. I really did. I thought I could just keep on blogging right up until our closing date, but with a big move only two weeks away, I need to go on a bit of a hiatus. Which is killing me, because we’re right smack in the middle of Oscar season, and this is my favorite season. Unfortunately, not only will I most likely be on the road during the live telecast, I haven’t even had a chance to see most of the films in the main acting categories. (This is unacceptable!)

So, I’m calling it. Better to step away for a few weeks and come back recharged and focused, because between the 20 boxes a day suggestion from the moving company (!!!)…and the Craigslist…and the finishing up at my job…oof, it’s not pretty.

I have intentionally been vague about my move because I just watched Snowden, and I gotta tell ya, I’m ready to toss all my devices in the nearest lake and go off the grid. (Yes, this is old news, but I somehow missed all of this Snowden business back in 2013…before I was on Twitter and got over-informed on a daily basis.) I’m going to fight my paranoia, though, and return to you later in March. You won’t even miss me, I promise.

Back in a flash.


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