I’m Back!

Hello! After a crazy month and a half of packing, moving, driving across country, and all the fun that comes from settling in to a new home in a new city (daily Target runs, figuring out who has the best internet/cable, etc.), I’m happy to report I have Wi-Fi and I’m back! Still unpacking, but I’m back.

This move was one of the most intense I’ve been through, and I’ve relocated several times, so the first week was pretty much sleep and catching up on TV shows. (That This Is Us finale!) Last week I finally ventured out and did some exploring…and signed up for a rewards program at the movie theater, of course. (Always my first stop in a new city.) I saw Beauty and the Beast, and y’all, it was magical! I felt like I was 12 again, when the the animated version came out, or 16, when I saw the Broadway version in New York…yet, it still felt fresh and exciting. I enjoyed the live-action version of Cinderella, but I think Beauty and the Beast is the best of these remakes so far. Perfect casting, gorgeous set design, and songs you know by heart…just go see it!

I’ve decided to do away with the TV schedule pages on the site, because I realize you have a million places to look up days and times for shows, and with streaming it really doesn’t matter, anyway. Instead, I’m currently working on a page that’ll have all of my TV show picks, old and new, with some commentary on why I love each show. Look for it to pop up soon.

My rental/on demand pick for the weekend is Passengers with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. There are a few bad dialogue/cringe-worthy moments, but overall, I thought this was a fun movie. I have to give it props for being “different” (something rare with movies at the moment), with a mash-up tone of sci-if/action/comedy/romance. I could watch J-Law and Pratt all day long, but it really was a cool concept and visually pretty awesome. If you need more incentive, there are not one, but TWO shots of Chris Pratt’s butt. You’re welcome. 

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