Hello, Summer!…R.I.P. Fall TV

The mindless entertainment is starting to creep in (I’m looking at you, Beat Shazam), and season finales are popping up each week…it’s almost summer!

My posts are probably going to be less frequent as we approach patio season, especially now that I’m in a new city and want to venture out on the weekends. (Burgers & beers! Festivals! Trails!) In fact, I have to confess I’m behind on almost all of “my shows”, and I haven’t made it to a movie in ages. (So much for being first in line for Snatched and Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol.2.) But, honestly, that’s what summer is for–being out and about and not glued to the TV each night, like I am in the fall and winter.

It’s also that other time of year: the mixed-bag of emotions that is TV cancellations (boo!)and the Upfronts unveiling new shows (yay!). If you want to read up on all the new shows and see if your favorites made it to next year, there’s a great round-up here from the Hollywood Reporter. Thankfully, I was only grieving Timeless for about 5 minutes before NBC decided to reverse their decision and keep it! Unfortunately, my dear Pitch won’t live to see another day. Sigh. You may commence with deleting the season passes now…

In other news, how much am I going to hate myself if I watch the sacrilege that is the new made-for-TV version of Dirty Dancing? Stay tuned.


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