So Much Trailer Goodness

I’m not phoning this one in, I’m just really excited for ALL THE FALL MOVIES! And what’s more fun than trailers?!

Nostalgia alert! (I was a fan of the ’80s original.)


I will follow Emma Stone anywhere.


I’m in for the sweaters and the cream sofas and the implied pumpkin spice latte-ness of it all. In. For. All. Of. It.


The first one was bananas. This one gives us the Chan.


Can’t wait to see this sweet one with my nieces.


I had to peek through my fingers during this preview at the theater, but I sort of can’t look away.


Some nights are “chick flick” nights. And some nights you need an extra-extra dose of testosterone.


What a cast!


Sorkin. Jessica Chastain. That’s all.


The second one was a letdown, but I have higher hopes this time.


This looks positively delicious.


And the showstopper… (musical geeks rejoice!)


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