Outlander, The Bold Type & Fall TV

My recent Outlander binge seems to tie in nicely with the current weather.  (Really, all Outlander viewing should happen on a rainy afternoon with a cup of tea or a whiskey.) I recently discovered that I can get Starz for $8.99/month on my Roku, which means I can get my Claire and Jamie fix any time! Season 3 already seems to be off to a better start than season 2…I confess I had trouble staying interested with the first half of last season, but once the action headed back to the Highlands, I was pulled right back in. (Also, there was not nearly enough bodice-ripping. Just saying.) If you’ve never seen the show, I beg you to do the 7 day free trial of Starz and watch at least the first season.

(Psst, if you’re still undecided, check out this Pinterest wormhole of all things Jamie Fraser. You’re welcome.)

End of summer binge alert: The Bold Type.  It’s fresh and fun, with a surprising amount of depth for a “behind the scenes at a magazine”-type show. You can watch the entire first season on Hulu or the Freeform app. I’m pretty sure every female in my life will enjoy this show.

It’s time to get my head in the game. Fall TV season is finally upon us. My favorite season! And yet… Is it just me or are the “pickins’ slim” this year? Aside from the nostalgic return of Will & Grace, I’m much more excited for returning shows this year than new ones. EW’s Fall TV issue should be out this week and it’s always my go-to for planning out my weekly watching, so you’ll be hearing more from me about this. (#sorrynotsorry) For now, though, I can go ahead and get all things FOX out of the way. This channel continues to be at the bottom of my list–aside from last year’s wonderful Pitch, I just can’t connect with any of the material on this network. If you’re a Marvel/X-Men fan, you’ll probably enjoy The Gifted (coming 10/2), but it doesn’t feel all that different than many shows that came before it. (Ahem, Heroes.) I honestly don’t think Ghosted or The Orville are even worth mentioning, but I just did, so there you go. See, we’re already done with FOX! How easy was that?!

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