The inspiration for this blog came from my extremely encouraging and patient friends and family.  I love to talk endlessly about movies and television to anyone who will listen, so I thought it might be time to give myself a new outlet for sharing this info.

Popcorn in My Purse (PIMP!) really has two meanings. For one, it’s nearly impossible to leave the theater without popcorn ending up at the bottom of your purse…or down your shirt, in my case. (Somehow “Popcorn in My Cleavage” didn’t have the same ring to it, and probably sends the wrong message.) Mostly, for those of us on a budget who love going to the movies on a weekly basis, it’s about saving a little extra money at those bland theaters that serve stale popcorn and flat soda.

Disclaimer: While I condone occasionally sneaking snacks into most of those dull theaters, there are some venues that offer delicious food and service (Alamo Drafthouse Cinema), decadent popcorn options and 21+ screenings (ArcLight Cinemas), or fantastic nostalgia and charm (The Byrd Theatre) and are absolutely worth the extra cash and loyalty!


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