Music Icon Binge

Happy Easter! I've been working myself into a sugar stupor all day, between the hot cross buns with breakfast and the afternoon rummage of chocolate-dipped Peeps. The crash and burn is inevitable. April has been a bit of a slow month with TV and movies, so it's given me a chance to do some more … Continue reading Music Icon Binge

Weekend TV

Is there anything worse than updating your resume? The rules constantly change (1 page vs. 2, chronological or relevant work history?) and it's never the whole picture. This is my absolute least favorite part of the job search, but after two weeks and endless edits (procrastination or perfectionism?), I finally have it up to date. So … Continue reading Weekend TV

I’m Back!

Hello! After a crazy month and a half of packing, moving, driving across country, and all the fun that comes from settling in to a new home in a new city (daily Target runs, figuring out who has the best internet/cable, etc.), I'm happy to report I have Wi-Fi and I'm back! Still unpacking, but … Continue reading I’m Back!


I tried, folks. I really did. I thought I could just keep on blogging right up until our closing date, but with a big move only two weeks away, I need to go on a bit of a hiatus. Which is killing me, because we're right smack in the middle of Oscar season, and this is … Continue reading Hiatus…

Changing Habits

Before there was "Netflix and chill", I was spending most of my 20s buying TV shows on DVD (or renting--hello, Blockbuster and that 3 disc limit!). Pretty much every weekend was a new show: Sex and the City, Felicity, Dark Angel, ALIAS, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was bliss! I got to catch up on … Continue reading Changing Habits

Oscar Noms 2017

The nominations are in! It still feels like it's La La Land's to lose, but there are definitely some surprises this year, which should make for an interesting show on Sunday, February 26th. Here's the complete list of nominees. In the meantime, you can get another awards show fix this weekend with the Screen Actors … Continue reading Oscar Noms 2017

Winter TV

January has been a mixed-bag of new shows, so here's a new round of what to watch and what to skip. Beyond (Freeform) - Skip. I've seen much better "teen sci-fi"...even from this very channel (Kyle XY). Taboo (FX) - Watch...if you're a Tom Hardy fan. He is the sole reason I'm planning to watch … Continue reading Winter TV